Troubleshooting Site Indexing Issues

A person sitting at a desk using a laptop and looking closely at the Google Search Console page, specifically the indexing report, to troubleshoot issues getting their website pages indexed properly.

Having issues getting your site indexed by search engines can be extremely frustrating. This post outlines some tips for troubleshooting and fixing site indexing problems.

Check Search Console Reports

The first place to look is Google Search Console (GSC). Check the indexing report to see if Googlebot is able to access and crawl your site.

Key things to look for:

  • Number of URLs indexed – Is this lower than expected?
  • Index coverage report – Does this show urls not indexed or crawling errors?
  • Click on specific issues to see more details

GSC provides invaluable insights into how Google views and accesses your site. Leverage the data here to pinpoint potential problems.

Review Robots.txt File

Make sure your robots.txt file is not blocking parts of your site you want indexed. Check it allows crawling of:

  • Important site sections and pages
  • XML sitemap

Tweaking your robots.txt can be an easy fix for some indexing issues.

Check for Noindex Tags

See if your site has noindex meta tags present on pages you want indexed. This can accidentally be left on pages when moving from staging to production sites.

Compare Indexed vs Non-Indexed Pages

Analyze and compare pages Google has indexed versus those it has not. Look for differences in:

  • Page speed
  • Content quality/length
  • Internal vs external links
  • Issues rendering on mobile

This can reveal valuable insights into why some pages get indexed while others do not.

By methodically checking common issues, you can troubleshoot and debug most site indexing problems.

The Critical Importance of Fixing Indexing Issues for SEO

Ensuring your site pages are properly indexed is hugely important for SEO and traffic growth. If search engines can’t crawl or index some or all of your content, you miss out on opportunities for organic search visibility and traffic. Troubleshooting indexing problems should be a top priority for any website owner.

Issues like incorrect robots.txt files, blocking meta tags, crawling errors, or slow page speed can all prevent pages from being indexed. By methodically checking indexing reports in Search Console, analyzing page content, reviewing meta tags/robots.txt, and addressing errors, you can dramatically improve your overall SEO visibility.

Making your site fully indexable opens up your best content to be found by your ideal search audience. It helps search engines understand what your site offers and match it to relevant user intent queries. Improved indexing directly translates to higher rankings, more qualified organic traffic, and even exponential traffic and revenue growth over time. That’s why fixing indexing problems is mission-critical for SEO success.