Rank Your Niche, led by the seasoned internet marketer Froilan Joseph Chavez, offers a decade’s worth of expertise in online marketing. With a history of assisting small to medium businesses, Froilan’s hands-on approach as CEO ensures tailored marketing solutions for clients, backed by a skilled team. His reputation is further solidified by a 5-star freelancer profile on Upwork, showcasing his foundational strategies. Rank Your Niche’s mission is to harness online marketing for genuine business growth, emphasizing enduring partnerships and tangible results.


Rank Your Niche is a premier full-service digital marketing agency focused on helping eCommerce businesses maximize their online success. Our experienced team specializes in crafting data-driven marketing strategies tailored to each client’s unique business goals and target audience.

“Back in 2012, I started small on Upwork – just entering data. But in 2013, everything changed when I got my first SEO client. At first, I had no clue what SEO was! But my client believed in me and gave me my first SEO course. After taking that course, I fell in love with SEO! I took what I learned and made my client’s websites rock.

Soon I found my groove. I tried out SEO on my own websites, then sold those sites to businesses in Australia. That’s when I realized I could make bank with SEO while also helping businesses grow. As an SEO expert, that meant everything to me – making money while helping companies succeed and hire more people. That became my goal.

Before long, everyone on Upwork wanted my SEO skills. Early in the second week of December 2023, after years of honing my SEO skills and helping businesses grow, I decided the time was right to set up my own digital marketing agency. I carefully selected a few clients that I’ve worked with for years who needed expanded services. My goal is to provide these chosen clients with full-service digital marketing campaigns to take their businesses to the next level with six-figure revenues and beyond.”

– Froilan Joseph Chavez (CEO of Rank Your Niche)


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We are a team of marketing wizards who will work with you to create the perfect strategy for your business. We’ll help you create an effective plan that will transform your business into a thriving, money-making machine. Our team is here to help you build a more profitable business. We’ve worked with over hundreds of business owners, and hundreds of success stories as well. We’ll show you how to get more customers, make more money, and have more fun doing it! You can even get started today by booking a free strategy session with us!