The Important Role of SEO for Lawyers: What is it And Why Should You Care?​

January 7, 2022

SEO is the art of getting your website in front of search engine users in a way that compels them to click on the link in their search results. That way you’ll receive organic traffic, people searching for your services in your target market. It is vital to have a good understanding of how SEO works. As the popularity of the Internet grows, businesses will need to focus on obtaining high rankings so they can appear at the top of search engines. Consider using SEO for your law firm marketing strategy. By using catchy headlines and italicizing or bolding certain words, you can grab the attention of the search engine user and get them to click on your link. By doing this, you’ll be getting free traffic and potential cases!

What is SEO

Let’s start at the beginning. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is essentially how you get a website in front of search engines such as Google. The way to do this is to create your own content that will increase your rankings on search engines. The content must include a keyword, which is a term that users might type in when looking for what you’re offering. Take these words as a starting point:

Can you answer?

Is there a lawyer?

We will do it!

Did I see that?

Get Legal Support Now!

If your industry doesn’t have keywords, you can take the concept a step further.

Why is SEO important for lawyers?

The search engines have made it quite easy to optimize and get into the top search results, however, the key is keeping up with the constantly changing algorithms. SEO for lawyers is crucial because you need to get to the top of the search engine results to be in the best position to capture clients. If you can’t get your website to appear in the first two or three search results, you’re probably not doing enough. In the UK, Google is currently the dominant search engine. If you’re not ranking highly, you’ll be missing out on a large market opportunity. The more searches your website is ranking for, the more traffic you’re going to receive.

On-page SEO

Search engine bots can’t decipher your words but they can decode your site’s content. Google accounts for 80% of Internet traffic and if your site is not correctly optimized to its site, you’ll likely be ignoring 80% of your market. People are used to Google and Bing, so if you are creating a site for an organization or for industry, make sure it is optimized and that the design will allow easy navigation. You’ll also want to use internal linking throughout your site. Internal links provide a natural flow to the home page as well as to other sections of your site. An SEO primer is a good resource to use for finding out how to properly implement SEO for your law firm website.

On-page SEO for law firms with websites

On-page SEO is where you’re taking advantage of SEO, but you’re using it for your website instead of for the pages of your website. On-page SEO is a specific way of improving your website’s search rankings. When your page appears on the search results, the search engine will assess the quality of your page. If the quality of your page is poor, the search engine user will not get the best user experience. They will not come back to your site and may even leave a bad review for you. However, if your page is clean, concise, and informative, they’ll get an excellent user experience and will continue to come back.

On-page SEO takes the user experience and quality of your website into account.

On-page SEO for law firms with blogs

Being able to demonstrate your expertise through content is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition. To help get your firm noticed, a good idea is to have your firm’s blog appear in the Google search results. These are the types of headlines you want to use:

How to Win a DUI Trial Attorney Tells How She Got a Conviction

Attorney Phil Magney Shares How to Get a DWI Off the Record

Attorney Magney Breaks Down How a Judge Can Get a Driver’s License Back

For blog posts that you want to position for the top of the Google search results page, you’ll need to make sure you take care of some on-page SEO:

Put your keywords in the title tag and in the body of the blog posts. Make sure your copy is super easy to read!


These are the best SEO for lawyers to get their website ranking on search engines, increasing your clients. These are the types of SEO for lawyers to get your website ranking on search engines, increasing your clients.

Got questions on SEO for lawyers’ marketing strategy? Reach out to our Law Marketing Expert, Liz. Below is a list of helpful tips to understand SEO for lawyers’ marketing.

Local SEO: There are more than one hundred thousand attorneys in the United States, many of which are in the same geographical area. But these attorneys are the top hundred thousand ranked by clients. To be a top-ranking attorney, you need to have strong SEO rankings in multiple local areas.

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