Why SEO Is Important for Your Success, and What You Need to Know​

January 7, 2022

Marketers should always strive to remove any barriers that might prevent potential customers from converting. Factors like the design of your website, the quality of your content and the tone of voice you use in terms of emails will play a big role in determining how many people convert to your site. It’s best to take a look at things from time to time and work on improving those factors as much as you possibly can as they affect how effective your overall marketing strategy will be.

Why is it important to increase your conversion rate

Conversion rates are an important part of online marketing as they are the raw data you can use to show whether or not you are actually making it easier for people to engage with your product or service. A conversion rate can help you gauge just how many people you have on your side, which can be a crucial tool in getting your marketing campaigns to work in a more effective manner. By taking a look at your conversion rate you can work on improving it, hopefully increasing the numbers of customers you are able to reach.

You can increase your conversion rate in several different ways. The first is to make sure that your website works properly. Usually, the more optimized the website is, the more people will find it useful and will likely take the time to use it to its full capacity.

Designing your website to increase conversion rate

One of the easiest, yet most effective ways to increase your conversion rate is to incorporate a call-to-action button into your website’s design. A call-to-action button is simply a button that can be activated by the visitor once they click on the button or keyword that is provided within the visitor’s field of view on the page.

It doesn’t matter if you have a product that is expensive or if you have a product that is free, call-to-action buttons on your website should make it easy for visitors to make the decision to convert to a paid product or service based on the opportunity of receiving a discount or free product.

Consider the design of your site in terms of simplicity

Simple is hard to beat. You want your site to be easy to navigate, useable, and preferably responsive. All of these are equally important to your conversion rate, and an important factor that you should pay attention to when considering this.

Try changing your color scheme for instance. Many people believe that too much color will make them visually feel overwhelmed, but this isn’t the case. Many customers do not react negatively to bright, colorful websites, as long as it is balanced and simple. A space-themed website for example can be equally effective as a highly saturated one. The important thing is to look at what your customers prefer, what works for them, and then implement it on your website.

Design in terms of trustworthiness

Let’s go back to what we were talking about earlier. The reason that so many companies are struggling when it comes to building a decent trust profile is that the way they go about it can often be done in a wrong way. If you’re not sure how to approach your website properly you can end up landing on a website that looks sleazy or downright dangerous, which is not good for your conversion rate at all. If you have a good trust profile that attracts people to it, that’s a good thing. If you don’t, however, that means you’re probably doing something wrong.

In terms of the way you design your website, there are a couple of things you can focus on. Firstly, stick to plain text.

Create a clear call-to-action

A strong call-to-action is a very important aspect of your conversion rates. It should always include the necessary information and be sure that it is noticeable enough so that it will drive the user towards completing the action they need to complete in order to obtain the outcome they seek.

A good CTA is long and needs to include as much information as possible so that you can easily direct the user towards completing the action that they have to complete in order to continue with the conversion.

Make sure that it’s identifiable

A good CTA needs to be highly identifiable, whether that’s a simple click on a button, filling in an appropriate form, or downloading an e-book that you would like them to read or take the next step in the process.

Content Marketing to Increase Conversion Rate

Content marketing is perhaps the best method for increasing the conversion rate of a site. This is because a considerable amount of people will read your content and therefore will be interested in your offers if you’re providing valuable information or the best prices for your products. A great example of content marketing is what the online retailer Wayfair offers. On the Wayfair website, you’ll find a large number of pictures with room settings for different needs. This means that a user can buy their first bedroom or their favorite living room without needing to spend hours and hours browsing different websites.

The more information you have on your site, the more customers will be interested in buying your products.

Create content that will resonate with your audience

One of the main factors that determine whether you’ll convert a potential customer to a sale on your site is the quality of the content you’re publishing on your site. If they feel that the content is good enough that they’ll share it with their social networks, then it will increase the number of people that find your site to be valuable and will want to visit your store.

If you’re creating content that is too complex and technical that it requires too much time and effort for a potential customer to read, they might not find your website as worthwhile as you might like them to.

How to Write Emails That Increase Conversions

Thinking about how many people are truly trying to convert can often be difficult and even misleading, but it’s something that should never be ignored. When you’re thinking about what would work best, here are some of the best methods you can take into consideration to help boost your conversions.

Be Personal

This is something that will be a bit of a shock to people. Remember that you are writing emails for human beings and that they are human beings. They aren’t just those machines that you see clicking through your content all the time. If your subject line doesn’t capture their interest, your click-through rate will be dramatically reduced.

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