For the following reasons, this type of insight is priceless for search marketers:

✔️It enables you to get to know your audience and learn what keeps them awake at night.

✔️It aids in the targeting of your keyword research.

✔️It assists you in optimizing for long-tail keywords.

✔️It assists you in answering queries that may get you in Google’s featured snippets.

However, we have seen evidence that the demand to rank for even more long-tail search queries has increased as a result of recent modifications in Google’s algorithm announced in 2019. If this free utility wasn’t already important, it has now become critical!

All of this is due to Google’s BERT Update, which was announced in October 2019.


It has never been more critical for brands to have a blog strategy in 2022, allowing them to utilize a platform that appeals to these longer tail queries and dialogues now taking place. In addition, there are a number of technical SEO issues that need to be taken into account. When it comes to examples:

Are these keywords or content themes worthy of a new landing page?

In other words, do they have internal links pointing to content that answers long-tail questions?
The metadata for these pages is optimized, or are they in need of optimization?

Ultimately, BERT has made content relevancy a major issue, and it will continue to do so in the future. It’s Answer The Public that helps you figure out what these questions will be and where to place your content and SEO efforts, with the support of other organic tools.


Watch my video here on how I use Answer The Public:


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