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The topic of today’s video is how to acquire free backlinks on Bookmarkfeeds. Let’s get the fundamentals out of the way first. Put simply, a backlink is any link that leads back to your website. Your website’s search engine rankings can benefit greatly from quality backlinks. Your rating will improve as more sites connect to

SEO keyword research and mapping

SEO Keyword Research and Mapping

What is SEO Keyword Research? SEO Keyword Research is the process of analyzing what people want to find out about a topic. It’s a process that is done by using analytic tools to look at a certain keyword’s popularity and search volume. This is important because it helps you discover what the market needs and

analyze your content and beat your competitors

How to Analyze Popular Content

How to analyze a popular content Gather data on popular content online. Set up a spreadsheet and be sure to include all the important details in columns. Include things such as the author, the type of content, the time it was published, the best-performing day or month, the most popular topic, and the most upvoted